Monday, 1 October 2012

Juicing Day 2

So today is Day 2. Yesterday, Day 1, was very hard. I woke up with a slight headache that progressed through the day to an almost full blown migraine. Around 9 am, we  had a family emergency, and all went to the hospital. Thankfully, I had made juice the night before and was able to just grab it and bring it with me. I worked a closing shift last night, 2-10:30. Of course, there's a lot of temptations working at Starbucks: there's coffee everywhere and it smells AMAZING lol. I really wanted something delicious to eat, and someone even offered me one of my favorite pastries. But I didn't cheat and stuck to my juice and water.

Today I went for my Couch-to-5K run, which I haven't done for almost two weeks. It was hard, but it felt so good to be working out again.Only 61/2 weeks until the 5K on November 16th!! =D =D =D

I'm working again tonight, so I juiced this morning for Tuesday and Wednesday. I made three juices again like last time, 2 liters of green juice, 2 liters of vegetable juice and almost 1 liter of fruit juice.

Left: Green Juice (apples, cucumber, kale, celery, ginger, lime)
Middle:  Mixed Vegetable Juice (carrots, beets, beet greens, red pepper, cucumber, tomatoes, ginger, and a dash of sea salt and Tabasco sauce)
Right: Melon-Grapefruit Juice (honey dew, grapefruit, and ginger)

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