Monday, 8 October 2012

Juicing Day 9: Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadians!! It's been awhile since my last blog post-my only excuse is that I've been busy.

Here is a quick synopsis of Days 3-8

Day 3. I went for a 30 minute swim. It wasn't as intense as I normally swim, but I didn't want to do too much. Since I'm only consuming juice, I want to make sure that I don't over exert myself.

I'm feeling much better physically today than the past two days. My headache is continuing to improve, although it's definitely still there. However, MUCH better than Sunday.
I was quite hungry, and also just wanting to eat something. But I drank my juice, and had some hot Tazo peppermint tea and got through it. 
Day 4. 
I went for a run as part of the Couch to 5K program. I was supposed to run 3/4 mile, walk 1/2 mile, and run 3/4 mile. But I felt like I could run farther so I ended up doing a solid 2 mile run!! No stopping! The farthest I'd ever done was the one mile run a couple weeks ago! I was suprised that I could have the energy to run while consuming only juice.

Day 5. Things started to get easier. I made a really good apple-carrot juice. I boiled about 1/2 cup apple juice with a ton of cinnamon and added it back into the juice. Soooo good.

Day 6-7. Ran 3.1 miles (5K) in 48 minutes on Day 7!! It seemed to take forever, but I did it! It's amazing when I think that about 7 weeks ago, I could barely run two minutes at a time. 48 minutes is pretty slow, so now my goal is to work on improving my speed by the 5K race on November 16.

Day 8. Things continued to get easier and become "second nature". I was still hungry a lot, but I would just take a drink of  juice and keep it moving.

Day 9 (Today): Well, today was Thanksgiving, but there was no turkey for me! This morning I made a Cranberry-Apple juice which was \AMAZING. Tart and delicious. For Thanksgiving dinner, I made a Pumpkin-Apple-Spice juice and drank that while the family ate dinner. It was kind of strange to not be eating Thanksgiving dinner; but my juice was really delicious, and I savored the delicious smells of turkey and fresh herbs.

I also cooked the stuffing for dinner today. It was a recipe that I pretty much made up as I went along. I didn't taste it, but everyone said it was good, so I'll just have to take their word for it LOL. I did set some aside for myself and I'm going to freeze it so that I can have it when my fast is over :) I still had half a pumpkin left over from my pumpkin juice, so I scooped out the seeds and baked the stuffing in the half pumpkin.

Herb Stuffing

3/4 loaf of whole wheat bread, cut into small cubes
1 small onion, chopped
1/2 cup chopped celery
1 cup chopped mushrooms
1 tbsp. olive oil
 1/4 cup chopped fresh poultry seasoning herbs, divided
1/4 tsp. salt*
1 cup no-salt-added chicken or vegetable stock
1/4 cup margarine
2 eggs, beaten (optional)
1/2 small pumpkin, seeds removed

*If you are using full-salt stock, omit the added salt.

Pre-heat oven to 350 F. 

Toss the bread cubes and 2 tbsp. poultry seasoning in a large bowl. Set aside.

Heat the oil in a large pan. Add the onion, celery, and mushrooms, and stir fry until vegetables are soft. Add the remaining poultry seasoning and salt. Add vegetable mixture to bread mixture and stir to combine.

In a separate bowl, melt the margarine in the microwave. Add the chicken or vegetable stock and eggs(if using). Pour liquid mixture over bread and vegetables and mix until evenly coated.

Spoon the stuffing into the pumpkin half. If all the stuffing doesn't fit in the pumpkin, spread the remaining amount in a greased glass baking dish. Bake for about 30 minutes.

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